Walter’s Story.

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For Walter, EveryDay was about spending time with his friends and staying active

76-year-old, Walter, was from North Shields, and had always enjoyed a full life, but as he grew older feelings of loneliness crept in and it became more difficult to meet new friends. Walter wasn’t sure where to turn until his social worker put him in touch with the team at Cedar Grove – opening the door to a whole new world of possibility.


“I always enjoyed going in the garden and getting out and about on my bike. I lived a very active life until I got older and things started to become more difficult. I couldn’t do my exercises like I used to, meeting new people was harder and I wasn’t as well as I used to be.


My social worker suggested I try Cedar Grove and even though I was nervous at first, it’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve never looked back. I try and get along to Cedar Grove at least three days a week. I’ve made lots of new friends. Old people do tend to have troubles and I find it helps to talk to people, we all support each other.”



“I really like going on the computers to research the history of the area, playing bowls and chatting about sport and old times with my pals here. If we want to go on day trips anywhere, it’s great – they can organise them through Cedar Grove – so it helps us all get out and about a bit more.


Me and my mate Jim who also comes here, have been all over on the Cedar Grove organised trips – Gilsland, Berwick, Cullercoats, even Blackpool!


I know me coming here makes my daughter and step-sons feel better too, they don’t worry about me as much, so it’s good for everyone.”


Walter sadly passed away in October 2019 however his daughter, Lisa, asked us to keep Walter’s story on our website as Cedar Grove had such a profound and positive impact on her dad’s life.

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