Meet the Team.

You just can’t teach the characteristics and personality essential to become a care professional.


We get to know our customers as the unique individuals they are and offer our support when and how they need it. We see the difficult situations families find themselves in and know what a difference it can make to have someone there who really cares, responds to needs and keeps their loved ones safe.


We offer both practical and emotional support, and can recognise the little things that make a big difference.

Our Team

Kerry Parker

Head of EveryDay Care & Support

Audra Proud

Senior Operations Manager

Viv Kirby

Home Care Area Manager Wallsend

Angie McDine

Home Care Area Manager North West

Vanya Hetherington

Home Care Area Manager North Shields

Julie Younger

Extra Care Project Manager

Lauren Frith

Project Manager for Care at Home Newcastle

Ashleigh McDine

Health & Wellness Manager

Lynn Lannen

Trainee Manager

Become a carer with EveryDay

If you’re a caring & dedicated person and you think that you can make a real difference to lives of people in your local community, we would love to hear from you.

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