Gender Pay Gap Results.

Please take a look at our organisational gender pay gap results

Age UK North Tyneside Group.

The Government requires all charities, public sector organisations and companies with over 250 relevant employees to publish their gender pay gap data.


We are required to report annually from 5th April 2018 on a snapshot taken on 5th April the previous year. We welcome this opportunity to be transparent about the gender pay gap at EveryDay, which is part of the Age UK North Tyneside Group.

Gender pay gap reports

In the 2022/23 reporting year, we made the decision to begin creating a visual report to better highlight our gender pay gap data.


This is in addition to the mandatory reporting required by the Government.


You can download our gender pay gap reports below.



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GOV.UK gender pay gap service

You can use the Government’s gender pay gap service to view and compare all of our gender pay gap reports. You can view our organisation as a whole, or use the links below to view individual years.Due to COVID-19, enforcement of reporting deadlines did not apply to employers in the 2019/20 reporting year.

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