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EveryDay Living

Mrs D said “My house was glowing, it’s a fantastic service, I’d definitely recommend it.”


Mrs A said “She’s doing a great job, I couldn’t fault her. She’s done everything I’ve asked and more. I would definitely recommend it.”


Mrs A described both members of staff who have been so far as “Fabulous”, “Angels”, and “Fantastic”. She said she would definitely recommend.


Mrs B said “I’ve already recommended to her neighbour who then recommended to someone else.”


Mrs H said “I would definitely recommend the service.”


Mrs F said “I’m quite happy with Audrey, she’s the best, she’s a good friend to me now and I quite enjoy a little chat with her while she’s here. She always consults me about what needs doing.”


Mr C said “Would recommend to everyone, they are 5 star.”


Mrs T said “My Brother gets on perfectly with Judith. She’s great. It’s nice to have a service that helps us both, it allows me time to myself too.”


Miss R said “The service is very good. I get on alright with Dana and she’s managing the shopping, laundry and cleaning well. She’s willing to do things above and beyond to be helpful. It’s all been excellent so far.”


Mrs T said she is enjoying spending time with her care giver during her companionship visits and would definitely recommend to others.

Wellbeing Centres

Mr E said “I love going to the day centre, I’m going out on Friday on a trip and looking forward to this.”


Mrs M’s family said “The service is excellent, staff are brilliant, it’s like a family. They (the wellbeing team) go above and beyond what’s expected of them. The other customers are lovely as well. It’s a fantastic place, really lovely. Mum is enjoying the activities, dominoes, crocheting and exercise classes with Bob. Overall it’s been a really positive experience.”


Mrs T said “It has been wonderful for her she gets her hair done now and chats to everyone in the centre and she cannot praise the centre enough, fabulous.” Katie is 67 years old this year and said “When I reached fifty I decided to wear purple and grow old disgracefully after reading a book about women reaching maturity”After long periods in hospital due to various illness and falls Katie’s family sought support and specialist care within Cedar Grove’s Wellbeing Centre in Wallsend. Katie found herself as a result of her prolonged hospital stay lacking in confidence, unable to remember things, with diminished social skills, an inability to focus and concentrate or do the things she’d managed historically like sewing, drawing, reading and writing. Her Personal Support Assistant at Cedar Grove encouraged Katie to start to draw again, they began with simple landscape drawings and encouraged Katie to join in with the social groups who were making cards, baking and doing craft and sewing hobbies.She admits that she “still have dark days, physically and mentally” where her mobility can be selective. Some days Katie struggles to walk unaided or rise from a chair but she sets herself small goals with the intention of a wish list. She hopes to book a cruise and dance freely one day. Katie said “thank you to the Cedar Grove staff for making my life worth living once again”


My mam absolutely loves coming to Cedar Grove once a week. The staff and volunteers are all so lovely and my mam is made really welcome. She always enjoys the homely food and recounts what she has eaten when I collect her. There is a lovely atmosphere and always nice music on when I return to pick her up. She loves to have a natter and especially likes to play dominos with the men! I would highly recommend Cedar Grove


My 88-year mother goes to Cedar Grove once a week for the day. She surprised us by how much she enjoys her weekly visit there. She always comes out saying how much fun she’s had and enjoys the company. The family are very pleased with Cedar Grove, it is a very friendly, safe environment. The staff are extremely nice and professional.

Care at Home

Mr M said “The service is great, the girls are fantastic and he would definitely recommend it to others.”


Mrs D said “The care at home service is perfect.”


Mrs K said “The service has been fantastic, tip top! The girls Joan and Margaret have been wonderful, helpful and considerate. I’d definitely recommend them.”


Mrs B’s daughter said “The service is going very well. Mum’s health has deteriorated and she is reluctant to accept help all of the time. The carers handle this well and it’s much appreciated what they do for her. They really are absolutely marvellous and very friendly”.


Ms M said “The service so far has been fantastic. It’s taken away all the worry about Dad getting his medication on time”.


Mrs B said “As I live alone the girls give me a real person to talk to every day, I don’t feel so alone now. I couldn’t have managed without them in the beginning. It’s an excellent service and I’d recommend anyone else who is struggling to get in touch. They give me advice and support when I need it and it’s a jolly, jolly good service.”


After falling several times within a year my Mam spent just under 6 months in hospital. After speaking to Mam her social worker and the staff providing Mam’s care in the Freeman hospital felt the sheltered accommodation she lived in was no longer suitable. Mam wanted to stay in the same area. Within two or three weeks her social worker found a place at Hanover Sheltered accommodation where they have EveryDay Care available 24 hours per day. So pleased the joint decision was made as the falls left Mam very vulnerable and nervous. In just over a year and a suitable care plan, the changes are amazing, her health and confidence improved so much.

Extra Care Schemes

Due to losing my husband after having a stroke and breast cancer I needed care. I moved into sheltered accommodation under a year ago after previously living in a big house with my husband who had done everything from my personal care to cooking and cleaning. After my husband died suddenly I was very down, lonely and insecure. I decided to move here and so pleased I did. I feel it was the best decision I’ve made as my life is so much improved. I feel safe, secure, settled and carers are marvellous.

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