Respite Care – North Tyneside.

Respite Care & Wellbeing Services  – North Tyneside

We recently conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey and our three Wellbeing Centre’s scored some fantastic results and feedback from our customers.

11 Questions out of 25 Questions scored 100% across the board

  • Do you find our staff respectful, polite and helpful? 100% answered ALWAYS
  • Were you involved / consulted in writing your Wellbeing Support Plan used at the Centres? 100% answered YES
  • When our driver picks you up does the driver knock on your door and escort you if necessary to the vehicle?  100% answered YES
  • Is your transport clean and tidy? 100% answered YES
  • Is your driver helpful? 100% answered YES
  • Do our staff support and encourage you to retain your independence? 100% answered YES
  • Do staff address you by your preferred name at all times? 100% answered YES
  • Do staff respect your dignity when carrying out personal care tasks?  100% answered YES
  • Do you trust our staff to support and care for you? 100% answered YES
  • Do you think our staff have the right skills and expertise to provide a high quality service for you?  100% answered YES
  • Are you confident that our staff could deal with any accident or emergency at the centre? 100% answered YES

A sample of feedback received:

∗I’m over the moon with your service, from the first phone call to the first visit was brilliant, the advice given and help also was excellent, can’t thank all the staff enough.

∗Customer Satisfaction Survey Anonymous Feedback Rowan Croft

∗Nothing is ever a bother, nothing is impossible

∗If I just want to sit quietly and not take part in an activity I’m not pushed to do it, encouraged to take part but not made to.

∗The driver is a nice lad.

∗I really enjoy the drive in and home.  Jason points out things & places that I haven’t seen since I was younger, we have a good chat.  Tries his best to get closest to the door as possible as the back lane can be very busy & reminds me about my keys and walking stick.

∗Everybody is so friendly.  All the staff have been more than helpful and accommodating.  The girls, Geoff & Jason are lovely.  It was a nice activity filling out the Life Book with the girls.

∗Husband has settled well I feel which is giving me a well-earned break.

∗Mum’s mobility has slowed down, she is no longer getting out on her own anymore to the shops or anything.  It gets her out for the day, she is well fed and always coming home with prizes she has won on the bingo or baked goods and is full of chat about her day.  We have noticed Mum’s sleeping is better during the nights she has been at the day centre as she is so knackered.  The blankets they have been making has given Mum some focus on her days at home.  We’ve had nothing to fault with the centre.

∗Some lovely staff.  Wendy and Clare called just to see how myself and P were doing, they heard I was struggling.  Brilliant, caring centre.

∗Very creative staff.  Patient, wise and understanding.  Activities are carried out and P has thrived and is more content since coming here.  I know he is safe and happy.  Took a little while for him to settle but now he goes to get his back pack on in time, just before nine.  This has shown me how contented and trusting he is in staff and his time here.

∗Looks forward to coming.  A rest for me from caring.

∗My wife thinks this place is magic, she is happy that I get out and enjoy myself too.

∗Pleased Mum gets out of her flat at least once a week.  Gives the family peace of mind knowing that she’s at Rowan Croft and staff are very approachable.

∗My Mum enjoys her days at the Wellbeing Centre as there are no activities at her sheltered living.  She enjoys being with the elderly as she used to work in care.

∗Dad is very independent in a lot of things, reluctant to take help but manages really well.  Peace of mind that he is within company, socialising and getting fed well.  The staff keep him right with his iPhone which he uses a lot and we aren’t always on hand to help him with, so that is comforting.  We know Dad isn’t always keen for activities or to join in with a lot of things going on but we know he is happy to go and enjoys his time spent.

∗Everyone is lovely to me.  Very impressed actually.


Take a look at some of our recent reviews on

Michelle Clement our Health & Wellbeing Manager

Michelle worked in social care for 13 years before deciding to take on an exciting new role within the wellbeing setting with EveryDay Care & Support. Michelle manages our three wellbeing centres in North Tyneside, one of which is a specialist dementia centre.

She said “the annual customer satisfaction survey results don’t come as any surprise to us. We are regularly thanked and praised for the care we provide to our customers, their families and carers. It sounds like a cliché but we really are one big, happy family”.

Additional Support as and when you require it.

We can provide additional services whilst enjoying time at our wellbeing centres these could include assisted bathing, showering, hairdressing and chiropody.

Individual & Bespoke Service

Our aim is to provide a care and respite service as individual as your loved one. A blend of personal care and/or activities can be created. We regularly provide health and wellbeing checks to ensure the continued good health of our customers. For those who are living with dementia or a cognitive impairment we can provide specialist support and advice from our Admiral Nurse team.

You can even rest assured that your loved one will reach us and return home in a relaxed and safe way thanks to our personal driver service- direct to your own door.

Free Wellbeing Taster Day

To ensure that our service exceeds your own expectations we provide a free wellbeing taster session at any of our three centres in North Tyneside . Our Manager Michelle will be delighted to chat with you about options which match your individual requirements. These can range from a single hour to full days.

Tel: 0191 2877028  to enquire about our unique wellbeing centre offer. 

Existing customers should feel free to leave us a review :

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