How Can EveryDay Support You.

As we and our loved ones get older there are many things we experience for the first time. This means sometimes we need to reach out for help. Whether you are a carer, or looking for support for yourself, our team can offer person-centered care plans across many areas of care. EveryDay’s care helps our customers not only maintain but build their confidence and independence. So if your goal is to become confident walking up the stairs, or meeting new people EveryDay is here to help.

Our Services

Help at Home

No job is too small within our Help at Home service. From housekeeping to companionship, we know all these small things can make a big difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. Consider us an extension of your family, a friendly face to help you with whatever you need.

We offer domestic cleaning which includes everyday tasks you don’t have time for or a deep clean. Our team can accommodate any need, with a secure key holding service and bringing our own supplies. Everyone wants to enjoy their home which is why we can also take on the strain of gardening. As a result, you to enjoy your space with trimmed hedges and a mowed lawn. If it’s shopping you need, we can also help you get out and about for groceries, new clothes, or household essentials. Equally, in the age of developed technology, we will assist you in getting connected to online shopping to browse the shops from your own home. Whatever your need or aspiration, we will create a person-centered care plan for you.

Respite Care & Wellbeing

Both carers and the ones they care for receive great benefits from our respite services. Caring for a loved one is fulfilling and rewarding, however we look after the carers too. EveryDay Respite & Wellbeing Centres across North Tyneside provide an enriching, stimulating environment with plenty of activities to choose from. Many customers establish great friendships that go beyond the centres and help them maintain their independence. You can attend one of our Wellbeing Centres at the following locations.

Rowan Croft Wellbeing Centre is located in a quiet cul-de-sac and offers a safe, friendly, environment. You can come along for the day or just take part in an activity with a fully integrated care and support plan that covers a range of our services.

Cedar Grove Wellbeing Centre has a home-from-home environment with private grounds to enjoy the space doing lots of activities. You can also enjoy a pamper with our beauty services to keep you feeling your best. Or come along for an outing with the team where you can see the local area and make new friends.

Linskill Park Specialist Dementia Care Wellbeing Centre has a specialist dementia team to offer reliable support and understand each individual’s needs. The support expands to evenings and short breaks as well as day visits where they will receive personalised care.


No two people are the same, and we can offer person-centered care for anyone over 18 who needs us to live independently in their own homes. Alongside our Homecare team, you can set clear goals and aspirations to create a personal care plan to empower you to make the most of life. The health service can help you with attending appointments or assist with healthcare conditions such as dementia, stoma care, catheter care, and mental health issues to end-of-life care. However, if you need someone there to help you get dressed and ready for the day or evening we are there.

Dementia Care

Dementia can be a complex, tough time for those with a diagnosis and their families. Our Person-centered dementia care helps us create tailored support plans that can support you through pre-diagnosis and end-of-life care.

Admiral Nurses are registered mental health nurses with experience and expertise in dementia care, who can support the families and those with a dementia diagnosis. Each member of our team has been trained by the Admiral Nurses to give comprehensive, practical support. They can assist with daily tasks which may be more difficult for a person with dementia and signpost other useful services. EveryDay is a business, owned wholly by Age UK North Tyneside where all profits generated are put back into the charity to help older people. The charity has services to support those with dementia such as dementia activity groups that provide social stimulation and offer cognitive activities to support them through their diagnosis.

Testimonials of our support

EveryDay has helped many families across Newcastle and North Tyneside who give feedback on the positive difference our services have made in their lives. You can read all the amazing things our customers and families have to say here.

Families of those who attend our Wellbeing Centres have great things to say about the services. One family member said “My mam absolutely loves coming to Cedar Grove once a week. The staff and volunteers are all so lovely and my mam is made really welcome. She always loves the homely food and recounts what she has eaten when I collect her. There is a lovely atmosphere and always nice music on when I return to pick her up. She loves to have a natter and especially likes to play dominos with the men! I would highly recommend Cedar Grove”

And the users of our Care at Home service always appreciate having a friendly face to help them with their day. Mrs B said “As I live alone the girls give me a real person to talk to every day, I don’t feel so alone now. I couldn’t have managed without them in the beginning. It’s an excellent service and I’d recommend anyone else who is struggling to get in touch. They give me advice and support when I need it and it’s a jolly, jolly good service.”

No request is too small or too big with EveryDay, as we take pride in doing everything we can to maintain the independence of our customers and help them make the most of life.

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